Marine Research & Conservation

Over the last few decades fish stocks have decreased at an alarming rate. Overfishing, mismanagement by Government and a disastrous Common Fisheries Policy from the EU have all contributed to fewer fish. Angling-School contributes to consultations from Government and  lobbies MPs and MEPs. We also encourage recreational sea anglers to fish in sustainable ways and not to catch more than they will take away.

Minimum Sizes
Minimum Landing Sizes are enforced by Cornwall Inshore Fishery and Conservation Authority (IFCA), Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and the Environment Agency (EA) and apply to anglers as well. At Angling-School we encourage anglers to retain only fish that have reached maturity and have had the opportunity to breed at least once with all smaller fish being returned to the sea whenever possible. See also:

Sharks, Dogfish and Rays
We have been involved in recording catches of these fish for a number of years for the Shark Trust. We are also active in their Anger Recording Project in the South West to learn more about these fish.

Shore Based Research
The Great Egg Case Hunt is another project from the Shark Trust which we have been involved with. We have distributed leaflets to schools, organisations and individuals and helped collate and report data on egg cases of rays and dogfish washed up on the shore line. We have also contributed to the Shark Trust’s National Rock Salmon Survey, recording which fish and chip shops sell rock salmon, huss and ray.