First Aid

Incidents do happen!
It’s better to know it and not need it, than to need it and not know it!
Prompt First Aid can make all the difference to the casualty. Do you stand there wondering what to do, or do you have the confidence and knowledge to step forward and possibly save a life?

Basic Life Support (BLS)
What it says – a three hour course providing basic skills for a person to provide time critical care to a casualty until professional medical care arrives. BLS meets with the recommendations for training an 'Appointed Person' in basic first aid skills.

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)
A one day training course in Emergency First Aid Procedures designed to give the student a basic knowledge for providing first aid within the workplace. EFAW is approved by the HSE for the training of candidates in first aid for low risk environments. We also offer a LARA 60076203 course.

HSE Approved First Aid at Work (FAW)
This course is delivered over a minimum of three days (18 hours) and will provide candidates with in-depth information and skills on how to provide effective treatment and care to a person, or persons that become ill or injured whilst at work.  The programme has a large emphasis on practical application of the skills learnt and ample opportunity is provided for hands-on practice in a relaxed, low stress environment. Candidates are assessed by an independent assessor on the third day of the course.

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