Angling Tuition

Sea Angling
With over 400 miles of coastline, Cornwall offers a wide variety of sea angling experiences, and Angling-School can help you get started and and gain the skills to be able to fish independently. So whether you want to fish from the shore or a boat, we can help you get started. No Licence is required, and generally fishing is free.

Many people prefer shore fishing as it does not involve boats and can be cheaper as it does not require the expense of your own boat or paying charter fees. So whether you wish to fish from a pier, beach or rocks, we can help you get started

Others prefer to venture out to sea, fishing wrecks, reefs, or drifting over sand or exploring creeks. Whichever takes your fancy we can teach you the necessary skills. We can get you started on a charter boat or in your own boat, and explain the techniques necessary and habitats for the fish you want to catch.

Coarse Angling
Nowadays most coarse fishing is on commercial managed fisheries have opened and the lakes stocked wit fish. Some lakes contain a mix of fish, such as bream, roach and perch, whilst others are stocked with carp for the enthusiast looking for specimen fish.
We can explain whips, poles, wagglers and feeders so that you can fish with confidence and target the fish of your choice. Cost for fishing these waters varies, and some are reserved for club members only.
Children under 12 years do not require a licence, but anglers over 12 years do require a rod licence and current information can be found at