Shore Angling
Different Styles of Fishing
Our coaches can teach you float, bottom and lure fishing and advise which styles are best for the venue you are fishing and the species you are targeting. They will also be able to let you try different rods, reels and tackle so that you can try before you buy.

Piers and Harbours
These can be very safe places to learn to fish, and often it is not necessary to cast very far, as deep water can be just down the side. Often the structures provide weed and cover for small fish and shrimps which can attract a wide variety of bigger fish.

Rock Fishing
Rocks can also provide easy access to deeper water for pollack, mackerel and wrasse. Care must always be taken, with tide times and weather forecasts noted as too many anglers loose their lives each year or have to be rescued by the emergency services.

Cornwall has many estuaries which provide excellent fishing for flounders in the winter and gilthead bream in the summer. Larger fish such as thornback and spotted rays can also be targeted. Even when it is too rough to fish the open sea, estuaries can provide a more sheltered situation.

Beach Fishing
Whether you want to fish steeply sloping storm beaches for cod or whiting, or shallower surf beaches for bass and small eyed rays, Cornwall provides many opportunities. Angling-School can also provide basic casting sessions for those anglers who wish to reach more distant fish.